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Phantom Gen 3 Select 4x60 MD Night Vision Riflescope



Engineered with a thin-filmed Select Grade tube and powerful IR illuminator, the Pulsar Phantom 4x60 MD Gen 3 Select Night Vision Riflescope delivers superior functionality for precision placement in the darkest of environments. Its large 60mm objective lens and 57-64 lp/mm resolution offer a brighter, clearer image at medium- to long-distances. The device features a red-on-green or green-on-green reticle with brightness control and low battery indication. If the reticle starts blinking, this indicates that the battery should be replaced within 15-30 minutes. The Phantom is rugged and reliable due to the high-grade, glass-filled modern plastics employed in the design of the riflescope. The device can be operated in precipitation of any intensity. Its nitrogen-purged optical channel prevents the lens from fogging caused by temperature differences or high humidity. A soft rubber cap with a pinhole for testing in daylight is permanently attached to the housing of the riflescope and protects the lens from water, scratches, and chips when the scope it is not in use. When using the riflescope, simply slide the lens cap back along the side of the housing.


  • Gen 3 Image Intensifier Tube
  • Ultra durable housing (composite and duraluminum D16)
  • Large 60mm objective lens
  • High magnification
  • Internal focusing knob for easy operation
  • Uses one AA battery or one CR123A battery
  • Environmentally protected from dust and rain, IP66
  • Modular IR illuminator


  • Cleaning Cloth
  • Nylon carrying case
  • Remote control
  • User manual
  • Warranty card
  • Modular IR illuminator
  • Weaver rail for digital camera adapter

Batteries Required:

  • 1xAA Batteries